Thank you for providing such an excellent and quality early child care program and centre that is parallel to none. Your ‘Sunshine Kids’ has provided Tommy with an excellent development program and environment that will have, no doubt, overcome his uncertain start in life.

We wish you all the best with your new adventure with the babies and we are sure you will do extremely well in growing and graduating the future citizens of Heathcote and surrounding area.

Lorraine Holly

Luke, Angus and I would like to thank you for the wonderful care you have taken of our Rory for the last few years. She has always been happy to come here and is now ready for big school, thanks to the fantastic Starlight Team.

Thank you to everyone for making this such a positive experience for our family. Sunshine Kids has been part of us for all of Rory’s life and I think she will miss it!

Recently I’ve heard a lot of discussion about child care – the difficulties, responsibilities and general under appreciation of people who work in the industry etc etc… I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Sunshine Kids (in particular the lovely teachers who take care of Avalou in the Starlights!) Your hard work, enthusiasm and care you take of our precious little ones is VERY much appreciated. You all do a fabulous job – THANK YOU!!

Linda and Peter


   We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving Eva such a warm, loving, stimulating time at Sunshine Kids for the last two years. She has loved it so much, and it makes is so happy to see her so well cared for. Thank you for your fine example and leadership. You should be very proud of the beautiful place you have all created at Camperdown.


We will miss you. Anna and James

We would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the past three years. Taj has been so lucky to have spent this time in such a positive environment, surrounded by talented and enthusiastic teachers. We know that with his memory for details, he will take the lessons, experiences and most importantly memories with him as he takes the big move to primary school.

We look forward to more great times at Sunshine Kids when Starr joins the fun later next year.

Merry Christmas and again “Thank you”.

The Lynch Family

We wanted to take a little moment to express our appreciation for the work you have done for both our children as we reach a point where we will have them both finished at preschool and attending school. We have experienced a total of four preschool or long day care centres with Sunshine Kids being the fourth – and last. The fact that your centre was our longest stay speaks volumes, yet does not even begin to describe the many little things that have made our experience as positive and inspiring as it has.

But let us try.

A preschool is only as good as the staff that educate the children in its care. Yours is a special place due to the dedication, commitment and passion of those who work in it. As a staff and as individuals, your kind and caring approach to all the children have, and always will be Sunshine Kids’ greatest strength. The environment you provide for the children has always been exemplary, with many activities to challenge and stimulate their imaginations. The homecorner, the book corner, the beautiful Moonbeam room, the clean and well-maintained facilities and the quality resources all contribute to Sunshine Kids’ comfortable and homely atmosphere.

One of the unique things about Sunshine Kids is its ability to create a community, something so difficult to establish and maintain in these times. The events held by the centre are major events in our own family calendar and we have always looked forward to attending these.

Perhaps the most notable mention we could make of Sunshine Kids is the dedication you have shown in our children!!!!

Preschool has become such a big part of our life and we will miss attending and being a part of the Sunshine Kids community.

Thank you for all that you have done.

With sadness and immense gratitude we say goodbye to Sunshine Kids. It is hard to believe that an integral part of our lives for almost 4 years is coming to an end. Alexander started in March 2007 as a shy 14-month old, and leaves in December 2010 as a bubbly, active nearly 5-year old with a bunch of friends and a keen interest in learning.

Sunshine Kids has always exceeded our expectations and we have been so grateful that Alexander has been cared for by people we trust. We feel that Alexander has benefited greatly from attending childcare as opposed to just being at home with a parent.

At times we have been amazed at things Alexander knows, things that he has learnt at Kindy. Communication between the carers and us has been excellent, and the centre’s adherence to policy and procedure has been evident and comforting. We really appreciated the evening presentation and the individual interview with Tamara regarding readiness for school. The visits to the centre by various groups and the PE sessions added variety. The healthy food and teaching kids how to respond to behaviour they don’t like have given them a great start to life.

At the risk of forgetting people, we would especially like to name the following staff who have been absolutely wonderful: Lesley, Phoebe, Tamara, Daniela, Krystal, Neille, Jill, Kristen, Adam, Maria, and Danielle.

Karen and Randy