children and their families are the heart of our centre

At Sunshine Kids, we believe children and their families are the heart of our centre, the collaboration between our educators, the children and their families is fundamental to our identity and we continuously strive to nurture and support this connection.

We acknowledge that each child joins our learning community with a unique identity and sense of self and we encourage the independence and self-expression of each child by embracing a holistic approach to education. We respect each child and nurture their individual learning process and view ourselves as co-constructors or co-researchers who embark on the learning journey with the children. Sharing this journey with the children enables us to recognise opportunities to provoke thought, action, experimentation, conversation and artistic expression.

At Sunshine Kids we strive to provide each child with a comfortable and happy environment to learn in, where they can be themselves, explore their own hypothesis, encounter, interact and accomplish to their fullest potential.

We believe in acknowledging the original custodians of the land, the Gadagil people and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of our community. At Sunshine Kids our community is viewed as one of our most valuable educational tools. We are set within a heritage building, full of rich history which constantly reminds us of our sense of place and responsibilities as a learning community to be sustainable in all that we do to protect and support the wider community we are a part of.

We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving Eva such a warm, loving, stimulating time at Sunshine Kids for the last two years. She has loved it so much, and it makes is so happy to see her so well cared for. Thank you for your fine example and leadership. You should be very proud of the beautiful place you have all created at Camperdown. We will miss you.


Anna and James