Bonkers Beat®
at Camperdown Sunshine Kids

Bonkers Beat program

Camperdown Sunshine Kids and Sunshine Bubs have recently added the Bonkers Beat® Music Program to our centre.

Bonkers Beat® Music Program makes learning a joy, but above all else it enhances children’s multiple intelligences, helping them to become better learners in the early years of their primary schooling.

The music program is based on the internationally recognised Kodaly and Orff methods of pedagogy to stimulate children’s social, intellectual and emotional growth. The program also uses songs and rhythms to encourage children to follow daily routines. Spontaneous and intentional art and craft ideas are linked to a wide range of  experiences and are used to support the integrated curriculum and help children learn visually.

All our teaching staff are trained to deliver the music program to EVERY CHILD… EVERY DAY!


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